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Get information about our day spa, including professional services in massage, body treatments, natural nail care, facials, waxing, and more. 


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Urban Retreat was founded in October of 2003, inside a cozy 900 square foot building in the heart of downtown Redding. In 2004, Janine Susich and her husband Mark bought Urban Retreat Day Spa and began building upon the great foundation that Stormie Brockway initiated. Urban Retreat quickly made a name for itself by offering our "Ladies Night" - a relaxing three hours of pampering, where girlfriends can reconnect while escaping domesticity for the night. In 2007, Janine and Mark made the courageous decision to expand into a larger facility inside of Goa Wellness Center. Taking on an additional six treatment areas, Urban Retreat was put on the map for its ability to accommodate large groups - something rather unique for a day spa in Redding!  

In 2012, Janine's daughter and long-time employee, Danica, took over the day-to-day operations of the business. This mother-daughter team enjoys working together and strives to bring the absolute best experience to our clients, who have become not just customers, but friends. Our luxurious riverfront location is sure to take you away to a state of pure relaxation. Urban Retreat extends genuine gratitude to all of our clients, old and new, that have followed us throughout this journey. Our passion is to bring a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to the North State, while maintaining the down-to-earth nature of a local business. Pampering the community is our greatest passion and we look forward to doing so for years to come.

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Opened in 2012, our spacious Park Marina location features scenic river views from three of our treatment areas and capacity to pamper sixteen clients at once. It is ideal for groups and parties - like our popular “Ladies Night” Package.




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Gratuity - Tipping is gladly accepted but optional. Industry standard is 15-20%.

Cancellations - We would like a 24 hr. cancellation notice for all appointments. If this is not given your credit card may be charge 50% of the total service price.

Noise - Please respect the other clients enjoying their services by using you "spa voices". Cell phones should be turned off or into silent mode and children should be left at home.

Punctuality - Please arrive about 10 minutes before your appointment is about to start. If you are a new client please come 15 minutes before, as we will have a little paperwork for you to fill out.

Speak up! - When you arrive please let the front desk staff or your practitioners know of any special requests, problems, or worries you may have with the spa or your service. We will do everything we can to accommodate you.

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What does a massage entail?

Your massage will be either 30, 60 or 90 minutes, starting from the time you step into the room. Our Urban Customized massage is our standard swedish massage. You will remain completely draped by the sheet for the length of the massage, only the areas that the therapist is working on will be uncovered. The therapist will ask you what areas you would like focused on. The entire massage can be customized, please speak up and be specific about your needs, pressure, and technique. Communication is key to enjoying your massage.


What do I need to do prior to getting a massage?

We want you to come into Urban Retreat feeling as relaxed as possible. Please arrive 15 minutes early so you can fill out a quick client card, use the restroom, not feel rushed before your massage. Please silence your cell phone upon arrival.


What should I wear during a massage?

We recommend wearing whatever makes you feel most comfortable during the massage. Most people chose to completely disrobe. We welcome you to be partially undressed or remain in undergarments, should this make you most comfortable.

Should I get a massage while I am sick?

While a massage does boost your immune system and can relieve tension, it is not a good idea to get a massage if you are feeling sick or feel like you are about to be sick. Massage increases circulation and will push the toxins around in your body. It will speed up the incubation process and can worsen your symptoms. 


Can I get a massage if I am pregnant?

Yes. Prenatal massage is very effective for the expecting mother. We have a pregnancy bed, in which a round cushion pops out of the bed, making room for a growing belly to lie face down. Additionally, a technique known as “side-line” can also be used if it is of greater comfort to the mother. Pillows and bolster will help with elevation while the expecting mother lays on her side. Massage is the safest for the mother and baby in the last two trimesters. A massage will greatly aid in the common discomforts that are noticed during pregnancy.